KMRJ Group Pte Ltd was set up in 2015 as a local distribution service provider. As a pioneer local distribution service provider, we are trying our very best to provide the most professional local distribution service recognised and respected by the customers and employees.

Our Vision:
KMRJ Group Pte Ltd has a vision to be the most professional local distribution service provider.

We believe in developing a long and happy partnership with our customers to provide the best local distribution service required according to their needs. We also believe that in order to achieve our customers’ expectations- commitment, dedication and professionalism are required from us.

Our Values:
KMRJ Group Pte Ltd believe that in order to be focus in our vision, a set of values are set up to ensure that every individual in the company follow the right path to achieve the vision.

We are customer-focused company: We are willing to go an extra mile to meet all of our customers’ needs and bring delight with our distribution service.

We are performance-driven company: We judged ourselves on results and feedbacks of our customers to improve ourselves and provide the best distribution service.

We believe that an impossible can become possible: We value speed and flexibility within the company to deliver our promises to our customers.

We believe in our employees: We knew that with the correct training and opportunities given to our employees will help them achieve their full potential.